Coco /ˈkōkō/ adj. : happy, light, tropical.   

Coco Fine Foods is an award-winning, modern, artisanal food company in South Florida. We combine the finest of local organic fruits and the most exquisite flavorings from around the world to create our collection of jams, spices, and sauces.

We have a passion for fresh, sustainable, local foods and tropical flavors - and we are dedicated to selecting the finest quality ingredients. 


Our seasonal jams are handcrafted using traditional French methods in Mauviel copper preserving pans; yielding a more versatile and fruit-driven product. We create a playful, thought-provoking fusion of flavor, texture, and aromas by combining natural preserving techniques with elements of modern gastronomy. 


The exotic spices we use in our jams are fragrant, heirloom varieties from boutique farm holdings around the world. You'll love them in our jams - and you can buy them separately in a carefully curated selection designed for professionals and home cooks.


We've introduced the first in our sauce series: a delectable chocolate-honey sauce. A delightful accompaniment to a viennoiserie, plated-desserts and ice-creams. 


We hand-seal our carefully selected glass jars and hand-label them with luxury estate papers to ensure our products are an exceptional gift for your host or any special occasion - or a delightful indulgence for you and your family to share at your own table. 

At Coco Fine Foods, we consider every element in meticulous detail: from responsibly sourcing our ingredients through to providing our customers with the most beautifully designed and presented products. 





Catherine Nolan is a culinary creative trained to Michelin level in French cuisine and pastry. 

Food has always played an important role in her life: born in Scotland and spending her childhood between Ireland, the US, South America, and Spain, she developed an early interest in cuisine, as the rituals of culinary tradition offered structure to a nomadic childhood.

Catherine’s culinary explorations continued as an adult living in Europe, as she savored and drew inspiration from the markets of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Coco Fine Foods products encapsulate the diversity of sensory elements she has encountered through her travels.

Her many years as a practicing psychotherapist informs and underpins her culinary sensibility with a story telling narrative. She believes that everything emotional and living can be sublimated into food and communicated to others creatively through cooking.  A delicate dance between the cook in what they offer of themselves and the interpretation of its meaning by others.